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Millions of people in the U.S. are affected by anxiety and depression each year.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) focuses on teaching the practical skills of emotional regulation, mindfulness, distress tolerance, and effective communication to  manage challenging moods, situations, and circumstances.  It is a proven intervention for mood disorders, personality disorders, and anxiety disorders.


Many people suffer alone and in silence as a result of trauma and abuse.  Part of the recovery process is working through the painful memories that have been stored within your mind and body.  Utilizing gentle, compassionate, techniques that are sensitive to your unique experiences allows you a safe space to heal.  Together we work to regain a sense of integrated wholeness and well-being.


Relationships can get messy.  Counseling can help improve communication,  work through long standing issues, build or rebuild trust and increase intimacy, respect and affection in your relationships.  There are many issues that can be addressed in this type of counseling.  A few of them are: recovering from infidelity, coping with addiction or mental illness, codependency, caring for aging parents and blending families .   When working with couples, I utilize The Gottman Method which is a research based approach that has been proven to be effective in improving relationships.  


Addiction isolates people and tears apart families.  Whether you are the individual struggling with addiction or the loved one trying to offer support, the journey is difficult.  For individuals struggling with addiction, I use a combination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills coupled with the principles taught in Celebrate Recovery.  For loved ones supporting someone struggling with addiction I offer support in setting boundaries, information on available resources, and a non-judgmental place to share your heartache and mixed emotions.


Most people don't really like change.  It can be intimidating to see an unknown future and wonder what is going to happen or if you will be able to survive.  Things like switching careers, getting married or divorced, moving to a new area, caring for loved ones or becoming an empty nester can create uncertainty and anxiety.  Together we can work together to navigate this new chapter in your life.  Tools like mindfulness, relaxation, personal reflection and study can help you navigate this unknown area and help you build confidence and hope for your future.


Grieving is a uniquely personal process.  There is no correct way to grieve and no time period in which it is supposed to be done.  There are so many life events that involve grieving; the death of a loved one, an unfulfilled dream, a marriage that didn't work out, a lost job/career....the list goes on and on.  I offer a place where you can safely express and process your emotions.  Together we will work to honor what you've lost, while learning to navigate your new normal.


Raising kids today can be a huge challenge.  I can help you with navigating some of todays most common parenting struggles.  Age appropriate discipline, challenging behaviors, blending parenting styles, communicating and establishing rules, along with  building healthy, nurturing, loving family structure.   As we know parenting doesn't end when our children are grown.  I can also help with building relationships with your adult children or repairing estranged family relationships.


Living with chronic illness and pain can at time feel unbearable.  I utilize relaxation, breathing, and mindfulness techniques that have proven to be effective in helping to reduce stress and anxiety.  They may also help ease some of the physical symptoms of pain.  I will show you how to implement each one of these tools so that you will be able to use them on your own when ever you need them.  Additionally, I can help you sort through the many emotions and thoughts that come with a diagnosis of chronic illness and the uncertainty it leaves you grappling with on a daily basis.


Living a secret life, pretending that things are okay when really you are trying to simply survive.  Do loneliness, guilt, shame, fear, and hopelessness characterize your experience on a daily basis?  Do you sometimes feel like you can't trust your own memory or judgement?  I offer a confidential, non-judgmental place in which you are free to share your experience and process what to do and how to do it.   Regardless of if you choose to stay in the situation or choose to leave the situation, I offer hope, practical suggestions and resources.  


Christian counseling has different meanings for different people.   When I utilize Christian counseling it is primarily to enhance your understanding and application of Biblical principles as they relate to your everyday life. 

Christian counseling may include the following elements:

  • Discussion concerning biblical principles, moral values and relationship with God

  • Discussion of Christian books related to counseling themes

  • Discussion of spiritual support systems (ex: pastor, small group, Bible study, church friends)

  • Direct Biblical quotations and/or passages

  • Homework incorporating the Bible and/or Christian books

  • Prayer

  • Biblical/Christian meditations or imagery

  • Referrals to other biblically based services

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