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A Simple Prayer

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

"Lord God,

You are in control.

You see me.

Your timing is perfect.


Such a simple, yet powerful prayer.

When life gets crazy, outcomes are uncertain, or I feel overwhelmed, this is my go to prayer. It helps center my thoughts and mind on the truth of who God is and takes my eyes off of who I am.

You are in control. God is ALWAYS in control, there is never a moment of chaos or confusion. There is nothing beyond His ability or outside of His resources.

You see me. My suffering is not hidden from God. He loves me and will comfort me in my pain, sorrow, depression, and anxiety. He will never leave or abandon me. I am loved by Him and cared for by Him. Even when everyone else walks out He remains.

Your timing is perfect. It has been said that God is never late, He is never early, He is always right on time. I do not have all the facts, but God does. He knows exactly when and how each piece needs to come together to work things out for my good and His glory.

Amen. So be it...A reminder to remember these truths and let them sink deep into my soul as I surrender to the One who knows me best and loves me the most.

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